Kick the Habit campaign brought to you by the Inland Empire Utilities Agency and its partnering agencies.

Kick the Habit is a public awareness campaign to increase awareness about the drought and promote changes in water use that will ensure the sustainability of our water supply for future generations.

Be aware

California is in the middle of one of the most severe droughts on record. Our state needs more than rain, we need to change the way we use water. In April 2015, the Governor issued an executive order mandating a 25% reduction in potable (drinkable) water use statewide.


One of the easiest ways to reduce water use is to change out water-wasting fixtures, appliances and plumbing. A variety of rebates are available for toilets, clothes washers, sprinkler controllers, rain barrels, and much more.


The majority of household water use takes place outdoors. While there are a variety of ways to conserve, outdoor conservation is often the easiest place to start and has the greatest impact.

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